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i am cynne simpson. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. we start with meteorologist steve rudin. >> even though we have snow on the way for the weekend, we have better news in storms stuffed -- better news in terms of wa rmth after that. it's 27 in gaithersburg this morning 32 at reagan national and fredericksburg. looking at the satellite and radar, skies are mainly clear. a beautiful sunrise after 7:00. clouds will begin to increase later this afternoon. the clouds will have the potential to bring a few showers and polarflurries mainly to the south. today's forecast 46-50. the wind will be out of the
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northwest at 5-10. snow on sunday. now to lisa baden to look at traffic. started to march on 95 between richmond and baltimore still in pretty good shape. good on 66. no problems on 270. no major delays. newschopper 7 shows interstate 95 in maryland between 32/columbia and the beltway. looks like this, in good shape at the icc project. now to a news. breaking news from the district. police have canceled an amber alert for two missing children. two-year-old robert anderson and 10-month-old tiara anderson were found safe at 4:00 this morning. there father, 22-year-old robert anderson was taken into custody without incident. he abducted children from the 2300 block of 15th street northeast last night. they have been found safe. try to recover the body of a
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construction worker who died after a trench collapsed in ortiz d.c. emergency responders spent hours the 1200 block of evarts street tried to rescue the man, but the quicksand-like conditions forced are meant to work slowly. he became trapped under pounds of heavy mugs up after he altered a support system. the worker has not been identified. another big story. an air-traffic controller admits that he was asleep while two commercial planes tried to land at reagan national airport. a passenger on board one of the flights spoke with us only. pamela brown joins us with details. good morning. >> good morning. you can imagine how it would appeal to be a passenger on a flight over the potomac just minutes away from landing when the pilot goes over the loudspeaker and says there's no help from a background -- from
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the ground. revelations that lone air traffic controller was asleep on the ground has raised bigger questions about staffing at airports across the country. >> i blame whoever put one person in the tower control at 12:00 midnight. >> he was coming from a flightmiami. >> the captain came over the speaker and said you won't believe this but we cannot get in contact with tower control we don't have clearance. >> radio transmission between an american airlines pilot and a regional air controller 40 miles away reveals the pilots was met with radio silence from reagan national after already circling around the airport once. >> nobody is answering. so you can expect to go in as an on-controlled airport.
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>> moments later another flight landed after being alerted from the regional controller. the real threat was on the ground where the maintenance crews or equipment could have been on the runway. ntsb investigators say that the suspended air traffic controller was working his fourth consecutive overnight shift. investigators believe that fatigue played goal in that lapse on wednesday morning. that controller is a 20-year veteran. two big events will bring -- plenty of people to d.c. thousands of runners tomorrow for the national marathon kicking off at 7:00 a.m. at rfk stadium. a number streets will be closed during the race including parts of pennsylvania and constitution avenue. metro will open at 6:00 and zero runners and spectators get to the race. just hours away from the start of a celebration that brings people from all over the
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world to washington. it is the cherry blossom festival which opens tomorrow. brianne carter joins us live from the tidal basin with a look to head out -- with a look ahead. the peak bloom season is next week. this year's peak blooms has been shortened a little. it will be from next tuesday until next friday. throughout the 16-day festival there will be a lot of emotions in the wake of what is going on in japan after the quake and tsunami. people will have the people of demand on their hearts and minds. 3000 trees were brought here 99 years ago. people will be thinking about what is going on in that country. there will be a lot of support. they will be raising money for the deadpan relief fund. all of that will go to the red cross in japan. -- raising money 40for the
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japan relief fund. >> there's always beauty and always tragedy going on all over the world at any time. we should be grateful when we have the duty and stick together in tragedy. >> the festival gets underway tomorrow. the 16-day festival will last until april 10. already we are starting to see pink along the tidal basin. brianne carter, abc 7 news. 6:06, 33 degrees outside. >> still ahead a bill to battle child with obesity affected by virginia's governor. >> how young is too young for social networks, what parents need to know. >> the cherry blossom weekend forecast first. it has some sno
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in a little while the tidal basin will be transformed into a sea of pink and white blossoms. join us for the national cherry blossoms festival, march 26 through april 10. >> good morning, washington. 6:09, time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> this is a busy weekend in washington everybody in town to see the cherry blossoms. you will not believe the forecast. it is not springlike. >> we have seen snow in march before and it looks like we will see it again. not until late saturday into
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sunday. no need to worry about anything today. it is going to be cold and sunny for the most part. at the freezing mark at reagan national airport 25 in frederick. clouds beginning to increase from the west. the clouds will continue to thicken later this afternoon into the evening. they may squeeze out a few snow flurries and a few sprinkles nothing that will add up to a lot. mostly sunny with a later date clouds 46-to 50 degrees. coming up, we will look at the extended outlook and the latest models showing the potential for snowfall sunday morning into a sunday afternoon. lisa baden, i don't think you work on sundays so it will be easy for you. >> i am grateful. glad i have not planted all of my plants outside. we are looking out for you. in tripsin good shape on route 4 and
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route 5. looks good across the anacostia river. nice out of laurel, but more of your neighbors hitting the road on 95 and b-w parkway. 270 slowing down in germantown. traffic out of leesburg on the greenway out of reston and tysons, no accidents. in springfield the volume northbound toward the pentagon. now to news. 33 degrees, 6:11. >> a tea party favorite for president in 2012. the latest name in the running for the white house. >> why the savings of a five-day mail cycle might be overst welcome back to geico radio, it's
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taking our top stories on this friday. the u.s. will hand over control of operations in libya possibly as soon as tomorrow. nato will take over some responsibilities for enforcing the no-fly zone. libyan officials and rebels will meet today in ethiopia to try to talk about a potential cease- fire. minnesota republican congressman michelle bachmann may make a bid for the white house. a top adviser says the tea party favorite is feeling the pressure to run and could make an announcement as soon as may. she says that she has not yet made up her mind. two big teams will not advance any further in the big dance. duke lost to arizona. wisconsin lost to butler. today virginia commonwealth and richmond will take the shots at making delete 8. the gators go through. >> congratulations to you.
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we have been rooting for them. metro leaders are hoping a multimillion-dollar safety initiative will make the trip on the trains safer. the agency will place more than 100 new cameras on stations across the system. mike conneen joins us from arlington with details. good morning. >> the federal government, department of palm and security, giving to $0.8 million to put cameras at most of the exodus and entrances at the 86 metro rail stations in the region. until recently those cameras were only located inside metro stations. -- $2.8 million dollars. with robberies and assaults becoming more frequent, there is hope that more surveillance will cut down on crime. metro is especially concerned about teenagers.
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they have been committing about a quarter of the crimes on metro. the agency has cameras already on platforms some garages, and parking lots. many of those cameras are 30 years old. sometimes the footage is so poor that faces cannot be identified and police cannot use it as evidence in the investigations. the new cameras are said to be of very high quality and are in color. some might even have smart camera technology bet might have law-enforcement identifying faces more quickly. the cameras should be installed by september, if not sooner. mike conneen, abc 7 news. details about a public memorial service for elizabeth taylor are expected to be announced later. a hollywood icon was buried yesterday at forest lawn in glendale. a private service started 15 minutes later, just as taylor instructed. she requested that someone actually announce that she even
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wanted to be late former on funeral. fans gathered outside to pay their respects to the movie legend. >> it is so unreal that she's not here. she had so many years ahead of forher. >> i was in love with harer. >> she died wednesday of congestive heart failure. she was 79 years old. 6:16. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is walking and talking as she continues on the road to recovery. her husband mark kelly spoke at an as a news conference today. he will command the space shuttle endeavor on his final mission next amount. he says representative gabrielle giffords has made remarkable progress and is now aware of what happened to her fully. >> improving every day. in the realm of brain injuries, that is very significant and pretty rare. she is starting to progress --
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process some of the tragedy that we all went through in january. she is going through that, as we speak. >> during the conference, he and his five-member crew wore a turquoise bracelets that have been named gabby on them. he is confident his wife will be able to attend next month's space shuttle launch and is waiting for doctors to give the ok. dc's demographics have changed dramatically. over the last half century a little more than 60% of washington's 601 cows and residents are black. 35% are white. 9%, hispanic. a decade ago 60% of the city was like and less than a 30% were white. the gap between rich and poor keeps growing. what is stopping saturday mail might not be the best solution for the post office.
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and new toyota vehicles could be ready to roll off the assembly lines by next week. peggy bunker has those stories and more. >> we begin with toyota planning to restart production in japan. it will resume turning out the toyota prius and two lexus hybrid models on monday, however other toyota plants remain closed. nissan is considering producing some of its engines in tennessee. the nation's central bank is becoming more open. the federal reserve chairman will hold regular news conferences now, taking questions from reporters. it is in response to criticism that the fed is secretive. the person breathing is a month from now. cutting saturday mail delivery would not heard as much as the postal service thinks. a government panel says it would slow the delivery of about a quarter of letters. thanks for watching. i am peggy bunker.
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time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. it is hard to imagine that we will have snow for the cherry blossoms. >> imagine how beautiful it will look. i think it will look really pretty, and cherry blossoms and snowflakes falling on sunday. the timing could not be worse. it is chilly right now. skies are clear. sunrise in less than an hour. 32 degrees at the airport. you need an ad and gloves and maybe pick jacket. the wind chill factor of 26 degrees. -- maybe a thick jacket. it's 32 degrees in washington. at annapolis, 35 degrees. outside, mid to upper 20's, 34 at quantico.
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the clouds are beginning to increase off to the west. the clouds will stick around for the late afternoon and overnight. we may squeeze out an isolated showers and maybe a few snow flurries and drizzle nothing that will stimulate a, mainly to the south of d.c. a little sunshine tomorrow morning and then skies will quickly turn mostly cloudy by afternoon. the areas shaded in blue, this is snow. 1:00 sunday afternoon. d.c. right in the middle. la plata manassas, fredericksburg, winchester. head to the north and east, and that's where lesser amounts are expected. we could be looking at several inches by sunday afternoon. here's the forecast. mostly sunny late date clouds, 46-50 degrees. tonight, keep the plants covered, 25-43. we could have a few snow flurries and a little drizzle. mostly cloudy tomorrow, 44-49.
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here's an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. a good ride on 66 and 95 no accidents right now on the beltway. traffic on the beltway at 50, the john hanson highway doing overnight construction, running smoothly right now. the headlights are bowie residents on their way to college park. traffic headed away from us is towards fedex field and eventually to andrews air force base, all good. back to you. >> thank you. we learn something new every day. thank you. 6:21 is the time. it is cold, 32 degrees. >> experts weigh in on an age limit for some social networks.
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>> today on "oprah," the australian adventure continues at 4:00 on abc 7.
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captioned by the national captioning institute we have a question for parents to think about. how young is too young for social networks? >> despite age minimums for facebook and other social networking web sites, they are finding their way there.
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parents worry about the potential risks. some experts say it could be equally risky to cut things off. >> the reality is at some point they will want to go on. you might as well give them the tools they need and education and awareness. >> experts say that there are junior web sites that require provincial guidance to get started. it lets younger kids connect only with other teenagers. they can graduate to grown-up website and their parents say they are old enough. >> some parents say that you can be on facebook, but i have to be your friend. regional leaders will gather in hyattsville for a summit aimed at reducing the rate of hiv/aids. maryland governor o'malley d.c. mayor vincent gray, and other leaders will join forces with health experts and service providers to try to develop a regional strategy to try to fight the disease. a bill that would have required more units of physical
6:26 am
education wouldwas defeated. governor, macdonell agreed that exercise and physical education are important, but that government cannot despite legislation to make the problem go away. still another half-hour of good morning washington ahead. >> coming up, we will update the top stories including the arrest of a d.c. father after an overnight search for two missing children. >> a change of command for the libyan no-fly zone. find out what it means for the u.s., coming up. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. a sunny morning with clouds this afternoon. are you ready for snowfall? possibly 1 [music playing]
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america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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we are following breaking news on this friday morning. and anbar was cancer, -- an amber alert was canceled. 6:30 is your time on march 25. thank you for joining us. >> good morning to you. it is time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's start off with steve rudin and find that how the weather is shaping up. >> it will be a cold start to our friday. we will have plenty of sunshine and it will look nicer. look at these temperatures. in western maryland, it is 20 degrees. these are winter-like temperatures. montgomery village is looking at 29 and the district is at 29. temperatures were just updated and it is 27 degrees in manassas. clouds are approaching from the west and will not arrive until later this afternoon and may
6:31 am
squeeze out a few pockets of the snow flurries and a drizzle. temperatures will only be around 46-50 degrees today. around the beltway interstate travel, metrorail normal service metro -- systemwide. colesville road leading to a group 36, 95 traffic building in volume but no accidents out of woodbridge to the pentagon. it is good out of loudoun county on route 7. going into centreville no problems there are on the dulles toll road. we are following breaking news from northeast d.c. an amber lawyer for two missing children has been cancelled. the two-year-old and a 10-month- old were found on harmed at around 4:00 this morning. their father who is 22-year-old
6:32 am
was taken into custody without incident. he took the children last night. the time is 6:32 and another big story is the admission that an air traffic controller was in fact sleeping while to commercial planes tried to land at reagan national airport. we are hearing from one of the passengers on board. pamela brown joins us live from the airport. good morning. we spoke to this passenger and he told us that he learned that there was one person manning the tower at reagan national airport wednesday morning but also learned that that person was asleep on the job. >>the investigation into how and why two flights landed at reagan national airport wednesday morning without official clearance continues this morning. there revelations that the loan air traffic controller was asleep on the job and that has
6:33 am
raised bigger questions about to our staffing across the country. >> i blame whoever put one person in the tower control at 12:00 midnight. >> he was on the first light coming from miami and recalls the harrowing situation moments before lending during the midnight hour. >> the captain came on the speaker phone and said you won't believe this but we cannot get in contact with the tower control. we don't have any clear and then not a radio transmission between american airlines pilot any regional air controller 40 miles away reveals that the pilot was met with radio silence from reagan's tower after already circling around the airport once. moments later, a flight from chicago safely landed after being alerted to this situation from the regional controller. aviation experts says the real safety threat was not in the air but on the ground or maintenance crews or equipment could have been on the runway. we have learned that the air traffic controller that was
6:34 am
suspended is a 20-year veteran. it was his fourth overnight consecutive shipped. they say he believed that human fatigue played a big role in what happens. ed. more bad news from the fight to contain that leaking radiation in tokyo. one reactor at the fukushima plant may have suffered a core breach. that means the possibility of more severe radiation contamination to the environment. the official death toll from the earthquake and to none has now topped 10,000. 17,000 more are still listed as missing. the u.s. is set to hand over command of the operation against moammar khaddafi's forces in libya. the changeover from the u.s. to nato could come as early as tomorrow. this is the second arab country that will offer planes.
6:35 am
>> good morning, the u.s. has been pulling back on its role in the no-fly zone enforcement. yesterday, the pentagon said that combat missions had recently been flown 75% by other countries. soon the transition will be official. >> ." [no audio] >> we are having technical difficulties but it is safe to say that the un security general has no information saying the libyan government officials and rebels will meet in ethiopia today to discuss a cease-fire but he added there is no evidence that moammar khaddafi is promoting a cease-fire. >> thank you so much.
6:36 am
6:35 is your time. a construction worker died when a trench collapsed. this happened in northeast washington. the man was working on a pipe for a new home when he tried to change the support system. it caved in and buried him. rescuers were not able to get to the man in time. >> we could not do anything to help him. >> i am devastated. >> crews are trying to retrieve the body from inside the collapsed trench. anne arundel county police are searching for a man who broke into three homes before 3:00 a.m. yesterday and a woman found an intruder in her bedroom and about one hour later a second victim awoke and said the man was touching her and two hours after that attack, a couple reported a burglary. that woman thoughts and touched
6:37 am
her in the middle of the night as well. 6:36 is your time on friday morning. it is cold. it is 32 degrees. >> still ahead, bracing for the big weekend crowds, runners take their mark and a cherry blossom fans will line the banks of the tidal basin. we will have details. >> first, another check on traffic and weather every 10
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>> 6:39 is your time and it is time for traffic and weather. >> is a crazy forecast. the snow will hold off until late saturday into early sunday but we could be looking at 1-3 inches of snow and possibly more to the west in the mountains. it is a cold start to our friday morning, right at freezing for reagan national airport and the same at dulles. our satellite and radar show mainly clear skies and a beautiful sunrise and about 25 minutes. clouds will approach from the south and west, arriving later this afternoon and that will give us a chance for some trouble and maybe snow flurries later tonight. this shows the clouds are arriving and our forecast of
6:41 am
046-50 degrees. we will look at the forecasted much more detail. this shows the snow time line on the way in a few minutes. metrorail and all other rail is running on service. newschopper7 is giving us a look at 270 traffic. there is plenty of it but from 109 to the public, nothing but heavy volume. we will go next to virginia. take a look at what we have on 395 at duke street and they are moving slow which is normal. 33 degrees outside and this friday morning 6:41 is your time. >> coming up, another contender for 2012 and the fallout from libya for the white house. we will have a closer look from political in a minute. >> we are just hours away until the start of the national cherry blossom festival.
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this is going to be a busy weekend in the district. >> there are two big events expected to be lots of people into town. thousands of runners will take to the streets tomorrow for the national marathons. it kicks off at rfk stadium at 7:00 a.m. a number of city streets will be closed off include of -- including parts of pennsylvania and constitution avenue. metro will open at 6:00 a.m. are hours away from the opening of the cherry blossom festival. >> it opens officially tomorrow. brianne carter joins us live from the tidal basin. can you believe we are expecting snow this weekend?
6:45 am
>> that is not a good combination. i am sure people will manage and the bundled up as they headed down here. these trees are already blooming just in time for the start of this festival. this year, the people in time has been shortened. it will be four days next week from tuesday until friday. emotions are expected to be heightened with all that is currently going on in japan. already starting to cover the tidal basin in a sea of pink, the blooming cherry trees represent a sign of real at the people of japan in march from tragedy. >> the blossoms will epitomize the storied resiliency of the japanese people. >> after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan, many say this year's 16-day festival will be filled with activities and the motions. >> they need to know that people
6:46 am
all over the world feel their pain. we are there for them them last night, hundreds gathered at the washington monument to stand in solidarity with the people of japan and this year, the festival will raise relief funds for those who are enduring so much in that earthquake-stricken country. >> we love the japanese people and we support them. our hearts ache for them. >> any of those donations that are collected will go to the red cross to help with relief efforts continuing in japan. it is a beautiful sight out here. we have seen people coming down here this morning with cameras taking pictures as the sun gets ready to come up. the festival runs until april 10. >> this is probably the only time of day when it is not crowded. thank you very much 6:46 is your time. we now turn to today's politico minute. >> a new face and the white
6:47 am
house race. we have those stories and more. starting no libya several congressmembers' have expressed frustration that they did not have an opportunity to weigh in. you hear that from the left and the right. the president got some good news late last night that nato will be taking over this operation. it has been mostly a u.s.-led operation and the transition is to nato. what is the stated goal? president obama has signalled that he wants gaddafi out. the un resolution does not call for that. it only calls for enforcing the no-fly zone. how long will be be there? this is another conflict that people will be asking about and what is the definition of victory? >> people wanted to mobile office speech and he is shying away from that not wanting to equate the no-fly zone with the war in iraq and afghanistan.
6:48 am
>> right they think this will elevate the conflict. the white house is being touchy about this. for now, no plans for that the amountout. michelle bachmann has become a big name for a candidate for the presidential race in 2012. where does that stand? her advisers were telling reporters yesterday that is likely she will form an exploratory committee as early as next month for june which is pretty serious. she did a round of interviews in iowa yesterday. she made it clear that she is serious about this. this would mean that she would take the role that sarah palin was supposed to take. maybe she is thinking is that because sarah palin is less likely to run that there is room for her to tap the people -- tea party movement. >> we will see what happens. >> no formal decision but they
6:49 am
are teasing it out there. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> 6:49 is your time is friday, let's get the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> snow is not a pretty word this time of year. just in time for the cherry blossom blunt this weekend and it won't be a problem today and tomorrow but on sunday morning, we are looking at snow and some of it could start to stick to the ground. we're looking outside this hour with lots of sunshine expected for the sun rise at 7:00 for. we will call for the sunshine to stick around for the afternoon hours. the 36 degrees at reagan national airport. we will go over to muri entry mentally school in the district and they are right at the freezing mark. -- we go over to muri elementary school in the district and they are right at the freezing mark.
6:50 am
in terms of temperatures, 31 degrees in winchester and 28 degrees in culpeper. our skies are clear right now and will remain clear for the morning hours but off to the west, we have clouds that will approach and the clouds will continue to thicken during the late afternoon and early evening hours and may squeeze out a chance for an isolated showers or maybe a snow flurries south of the d.c. 1:00 in the afternoon our clouds begin to increase and by later this evening, the area shaded in light blue is where we could see some snow flurries. clouds will clear out tomorrow morning and will clear at in the afternoon. the areas in blue indicates no by 1:00 in the afternoon for sunday. everything should clear up by sunday evening. mostly sunny late today clouds
6:51 am
today, 46-50 degrees for daytime highs. overnight, a chance for snow flurries and a chance of drizzled possible 25-30 degrees and two more calls for clouds to stick around 44-49 degrees. i wish i had better news on sunday. it will be a cold day only in the 30's for daytime highs. we could see a 1-3 inches of snow but a lot can change in the forecast in 48 hours. we will keep you updated here on abc 7. a warming trend by next week. it is quiet in virginia and we have normal volume on the inner loop leaving braddock road. 95 in woodbridge and the beltway to the 14th street bridge, fits and starts and delays. 66 is slowing in manassas and centre bills and you will slow
6:52 am
on i-270 out of germantown ha.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 6 o'clock 54 is your time and time to check the top stores. an alert has now been cancer police say the children were found unharmed early this morning and their father was taken into custody and police say he took the kids last night. a worker died when the trench he was working in collapsed. witnesses said the man was working on a pipe for a new home in northeast d.c. when he was buried. rescuers tried to save him and crews are still trying to recover his body. it will be a busy weekend in the city thousands of people will descend on the city for the start of the national cherry blossom festival and thousands more will take part in or watch the national marathon. we have cold temperatures and the potential for snow. >> find out how the roads are.
6:56 am
it is always congested this time of year. we will give you some direction and tell you to stick with 270 traffic. 66 and 95 are not bad and metrorail is a normal service. we are looking at a cool day today with sunshine and clouds will recall wait -- will increase later today and tonight. there should be some drizzle or full snow flurries that will not accumulate. sunday morning into sunday afternoon, we could get 1-3 inches and it will clear up nicely on monday, back into the 40's and 50's by wednesday and thursday next week. we have many different models that will come in over the next 24 hours. bill but to the north and the south could make a big difference in the storm. >> 70% is a good chance. >> that does it for us.
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